The club is fully committed to the principle of providing opportunities for children to play football, to enjoy the game and to be helped to develop their abilities and fulfil their own potential, whatever that is, as players. The team managers at the club are each given a degree of freedom to determine how best to apply those principles in the selection policy of their teams (see team pages for more information). Where it is not possible for some players to be registered to play in league matches, the club and coach will make every effort to provide alternative opportunities for match play during training and friendly matches. All children are welcome to attend training every week.

The club fully supports the FA Respect campaign. We aim to create a positive environment for children, so that they can enjoy playing football without inappropriate pressure or criticism. All players and parents joining the club are expected to sign up to the FA Respect codes of conduct, and will be held accountable for their behaviour. We believe that parents should leave the coaching to the coaches, and that the coach’s first priority is the wellbeing of the children in their charge. As part of our commitments as an FA Charter Standard club, all of our teams are led by FA qualified coaches who are fully CRC checked.